Second Mixed Adapted Rugby Day between the FRN and the GEIEG


On Saturday, March 26, the rugby and adapted sports sections of the GEiEG (Grup Excursionista i Esportiu Gironí) and the Ramon Noguera Foundation organized a day of mixed ability rugby, the second meeting in the framework of an agreement between the two organizations that aims to improve the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities through sports activities.

Mixed ability rugby - or adapted rugby - is an inclusive sport in which people with and without disabilities participate and play together. The day took place in the Palau facilities with a great reception and good atmosphere among the participants, who were more than forty. Among them were representatives of the two entities: veteran rugby players, users of the foundation's services and relatives of both parties.

The aim of these meetings is to get to know this sport and enjoy it all together, a fact that was reflected in the two hours of play that took place on Saturday morning. The day began with the presentations of the participants and then a warm-up was organized with different group games with the ball in order to encourage group interaction, to continue with introductory exercises to learn different game techniques. .

Francesc Massó, Physical Activity Technician at the Ramon Noguera Foundation, who attended the conference, emphasized how rewarding these experiences are for people, for being able to participate in an inclusive sport such as rugby. , which they have practiced a few times but not as thoroughly as in these encounters. The next day will take place on April 30.

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