"Revolution," a show featuring 90 actors at risk of social exclusion


On May 7 premieres "Revolution," a work built collectively from the ideas of the actors, people at risk of social exclusion from different schools in the province of Girona. This new production of special stage talks about the limits of freedom, social justice and corruption of power.

The work consists of two parts that can be seen on different days and have heard independently or together. It is the story of a revolution in a society ruled by dictatorial party X, it is forbidden to read and write to all citizens, but a worker in a small factory of cans began to wonder whether there is another way to live . Thus begins the Revolution.

THE REVOLUTION. Vol.1: Explosion
With students Mascasadevall Foundation, CSM Alt Emporda EEC Palau Foundation Lake.

Saturday 7 May 18h. Factory Performing Arts Banyoles.
Saturday June 4 at 18pm. Sala Planeta de Girona.

With the students of Foundation Ramon Noguera Foundation Astros, CSM Girona Centre Canaan.

Sunday 8 May 11h. Factory Performing Arts Banyoles.
Sunday 5 June at 11: 00h in the Sala Planeta de Girona.

therapeutic Theatre
Special scenarios using theater as a tool of psychological intervention, its protagonists are people with intellectual or mental disabilities, adults in the process of detoxification of toxic psychosis or diagnosed with autism and children with neuromotor impairments. Through theater issues such as working memory, expression of emotions, social skills and self-esteem.

Special Stage productions are aimed at performing work for which works have high performance quality, rhythmic structure, and careful staging a strong professional and technical work. This shows that arise fascinated by its artistic proposal and not for the personal situation experienced by the protagonists.

The project was born in the Theatre of the City of Banyoles and now has 10 years of travel. Currently, seven participating centers in the province of Girona, adding more than 100 students.

Tickets can be purchased through the website of special stage at a price of 5 €.

Here you can see some photos of the work currently performed by students of theater of the Foundation Ramon Noguera.

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