Pepita Perich stars in the 6th edition of the cycle 'Let's talk about social responsibility in times of crisis'


Yesterday Wednesday, June 11, the 6th took place. virtual dialogue framed within the cycle "Let's talk about Social Responsibility in times of crisis" with the managing director of the Ramon Noguera Foundation, Pepita Perich, as the protagonist, to talk about Disability.

The talk took place from 6 pm and was also attended by Pep Solé, lawyer and director of the Fundació Tutelar Support, and Pere Cornellà, businessman and president of the Fundació Tutelar Support, in a dialogue. moderated by Maria Rosa Terradellas, director of the Chair of University Social Responsibility, and presented by Francesc Buxeda, journalist and member of the Chair of MSW.

Pepita Perich, during her speech, wanted to show that fear did not overcome the teams of direct care professionals, and stressed that they had taught a great lesson of commitment, love and solidarity to people with disabilities and their families.

He also wanted to emphasize that "The sector of people with intellectual disabilities, for me, is one of the great examples of Social Responsibility." According to the director, this Social Responsibility has been carried out for 60 years because it is in the DNA of the entities, it is an innate responsibility.

At the end of his speech he insisted on the need to value the privilege of having a powerful non-profit social sector in Catalonia formed by private entities that arise from free citizen initiative, that operate autonomously and in solidarity and that always go ahead of administrations by responding to social needs when the Welfare State is not present to address them. According to Perich, "if social entities did not exist, we would have to invent them." In this sense, he asked the administration to recognize that social initiative and non-profit organizations in the field of intellectual disability are the natural REFERENCE in the provision of social services.

The cycle "Let's talk about Social Responsibility in times of crisis" has been organized by the Chair of University Social Responsibility of the University of Girona with the aim of taking advantage of the situation that has been experienced in recent months to establish a process of reflection shared with the public, discussing some issues of concern in times of crisis from social responsibility. The talks have been broadcast virtually live through the social platforms of Facebook, YouTube and the website of the RSU Chair, every Wednesday at 6 p.m. The cycle began on May 6 and will end on June 17, and has had the opinions of seven prominent personalities in different fields such as Health with Ramon Brugada, Poverty with Dolors Puigdevall, Business with Josep Lagares, Violence with Fina Suriana, Gastronomy with Josep Roca, Disability with Pepita Perich and Economy with Antón Costas.

On behalf of the director and the Foundation, we would like to thank the University Chair in Social Responsibility for this successful initiative and the opportunity to have a dialogue and reflect on difficult times; and also thank all the listeners and people who spoke with their questions for their participation and interest in the issue of disability.

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