New activity of the SEIS project in Chile: training of trainers


Within the framework of the Erasmus + SEIS Entrepreneurship and Innovative Solutions project, a training week has been held in Chile for trainers. This has been organized by Nube Cowork, a Chilean entity. Bea Pueo (Head of Human Resources) and Teresa López (Head of the Service of Orientation and Employment) of the Ramon Noguera Foundation were in Valdivia (Chile) on the week of June 24 to participate in this training.

This training action has been designed so that participants in the different countries participating in the project can gain knowledge, better awareness and preparation to work with young social entrepreneurs or enthusiastic young people, to be able to offer tools that help them to improve the analysis and evaluate a social business idea or help them create business models to address real and social problems, and also to support them in their path of growth.

The training was structured in three main modules:

- Module I. Theoretical workshops (design thinking, B corps, theory of change and methodologies of evaluation, etc.)

- Module II. Practical activities

- Module III. Social awareness activities with several visits and presentations of local entities and projects

The modules were distributed throughout the week in an intensive program. The experience will also serve as the basis for the development of the online training modules (e-resource hub, planned under the project). The participants positively value the experience and the impact that they can have on the continuous training and learning services offered by the Ramon Noguera Foundation.

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