More than 50% of the students of the occupational courses of the Incorpora program have entered the world of work


Today, Clúster Èxit, Girona's association in the social economy sector, handed over the diplomas for the training activities it promotes through the "la Caixa" Foundation's Incorpora program. During the handover ceremony, which was attended by the accredited people who actively participated, the main results of this latest edition were announced. This year, a total of 46 people have participated in the program, 91% of whom have completed the training with accreditation and 34% have been employed in one of the collaborating companies and different selection processes are open that will allow more insertions. Of the total number of students, 39 people have done work placements.

This year's day, which took place in the auditorium of Support-Girona, had the intervention of Josep Pugès, Director of Operations of La Fageda who delivered the conference Automation versus employability. Then, after a space for debate, students from the courses gave way to the presentation of the Incorpora awards, with which the entities of El Clúster Èxit recognize the work of the participating companies. This year the companies Escubedo, Ingesan, Maria Gay, Rigau and Toni Pons received this recognition. The award is a book rest is the work of Ceràmiques Marcó
The 'Incorpora Training Points' are a pioneering training initiative adapted to groups with special difficulties that allows qualified and skilled training to improve employability and for the development of a work activity.

The Training Points want to be a fundamental piece that helps to consolidate people at risk of social exclusion and special difficulties (severe mental disorder and intellectual disability) in the workplace and guarantees profitability for the people inserted.

In the last year, three areas of training have been developed: Basic kitchen operations, Auxiliary warehouse operations and Sales assistant and customer service. According to the satisfaction survey carried out by the teaching bodies to the students, seven out of ten evaluate the training action with the company very positively and consider that the internships have helped them to improve their personal development, regain confidence and find work

During the event, once again, the need to generate more alliances with the business sector was highlighted in order to continue working for the employment of people with special difficulties. This year there were eleven contracting companies.
The closing of the day was carried out by the president of El Clúster Èxit, Albert Carbonell, and the councilor for Social Rights of Girona City Council, Núria Pi, who also hosted the event.

The Clúster Èxit association, more than 2,000 users

Clúster Èxit Girona is a non-profit association, created in 2012 by seven entities from the field of the social economy, with the aim of strengthening the employment sector for people with special difficulties in the territory of Gironès - Urban Zone of Girona. The participating entities are: Mas Xirgu Foundation (Ramon Noguera Group), Tresc Foundation, Down Syndrome Foundation Girona and Comarques, Astrid 21, Mifas Group, Ecosol (Càritas insertion company) and Drissa Foundation.

As a whole, the Success Cluster maintains 15 services aimed at job placement, which include special job centers, placement companies, comprehensive guidance services, accompaniment and support for the placement of people with disabilities or disorders of mental health (SIOAS) and pre-employment services for the acquisition of skills. In total, it welcomes more than 2,000 people with special difficulties, who are looked after by more than a hundred support professionals. Its global activity generates income of more than 14 million euros, of which 71% comes from the business activity of the entities.

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