Let's celebrate Carnival!


Since last Fat Thursday, Carnival has been celebrated in different centers of the Ramon Noguera Foundation. Previously, they have been working on the idea of the costume for a few weeks and making it. They have been made by hand, with different materials and accessories, and also customizing clothes.

All the groups of the residences and the day center of specialized attention have cooked different cakes, where the cake of bacon has not been lacking, and a party has been prepared in each center where there has been music, dances, vermouths and snacks. There is even some group that has made a photocall for the occasion and to be able to immortalize the moment. There will also be dancing and snack parties in homes and occupational centers throughout the week.

At the Sarrià residence hall, for example, the theme chosen for the costumes was "The Olympics". We have seen athletes of all kinds: tennis players, basketball players, etc.

At the Fontajau residence, up to 23 different costumes have been made, each of them from a Disney or Píxar character, and each person has been able to choose which character suits them best, so they are very personalized costumes.

At the day care center, the costumes are in the latest technological cry: they are dressed in emoticons!

In homes and occupational centers, the themes of creating costumes are also very varied: the star theme is present: coronavirus and nursing costumes, but there is also freestyle: demons, cowboys, footballers, clowns, cards poker ...

In short, these are fun days, which bring a little joy to the days we are living.

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