First-person workers. Industrial assembly section


The Industrial Assembly is one of the most unknown sections of the Foundation. We retrieve an article by Daniel Toral, a worker in this line, which we published in the FRN Magazine, edition 2021. Daniel tells us about his experience working with us.

“I'm Daniel Toral Hernández, I'm 34 years old and I'm from Vidreres. I have been working at the foundation for 17 years with the same desire and enthusiasm as the first day I started, and so far.

Well, my beginnings were in October 2004, when I started at the RAFT3 foundation in Riudellots de la Selva. There they were already assembling the famous mechanisms of the Simon company. I still work in the same place and I am very happy and satisfied.

My day job is to assemble Simon's mechanisms. The day-to-day work in the workshop here in the center of Quart can be very varied at times: from assembling the “white split key”, pushbuttons, surface boxes and even finishing the day doing a variety of tasks such as collecting cardboard. or sweep to remove something that has been left hidden in a corner of the workshop.

What I like most is the good roll between classmates. There’s not a day that someone doesn’t spend a joke on you; I do it too from time to time, just to laugh at ourselves.

My experience at the Ramon Noguera Foundation has been very good. Personally, however, I would venture to say that it has been much more rewarding as I am a very shy guy from a very young age and this allows me to relate more to the colleagues I have had at work and also outside as is the sports field. The relationship with colleagues is very good and very satisfying. They are good people.

For me, this job involves a lot of things, such as being a responsible guy with the work I do every day in my workplace.

Finally, I would like to end by thanking all those who made this interview possible, which are those of the Ramon Noguera Foundation, very hardworking and hardworking people. Until another one! ”

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