Entrepreneurship education conference for young people (SIX ERASMUS +)


Within the framework of the SEIS project (Erasmus + Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation Solutions), co-financed by the European Union, the Ramon Noguera Foundation has organized a conference focused on entrepreneurship education for young people, with special emphasis on entrepreneurship social and non-formal and experiential learning.

The conference took place on 13, 14 and 15 December, where 10 young people with intellectual disabilities and at risk of social exclusion, were able to participate in a variety of activities led by Bernat Vilella, Social educator, with whom they have been able to work on personal and work skills, as well as build their personal project, and Judit Juscafresa, an agri-food engineer and dietitian, who has advised them on healthy habits.

With the company Xplore Girona, the days have ended with an urban scape room that has been carried out in Girona, as a different way of discovering the city, challenging ingenuity and testing creativity, while the history of the city and its characters are learned. With this activity, the young participants have been able to put into practice the skills worked on during the days: teamwork, communication, proactivity, coordination, conflict resolution, responsibility and compliance with rules.


All SEIS project activities focus on entrepreneurship education for youth, with special emphasis on social entrepreneurship, non-formal and experiential learning, along with specific knowledge, using ICTs to ensure a holistic approach. of the personal development of young people.

Social entrepreneurship is a way to achieve sustainable development, positive changes in society, social inclusion and cohesion, inclusive growth, through the participation of marginal and vulnerable groups of young people, who can also contribute to the development of their communities if they have the right tools and skills and if they are trained and motivated.

In the broader and longer-term aspect, the project aims to help solve the problems related to youth unemployment and the marginalization of certain groups in society who face difficulties in integrating into the labor market. . Through the planned activities, the aim is to make a valuable contribution to the Europe 2020 Strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth and to create cross-border synergies between participants and participating organizations.

The project consists of a consortium of 8 partners:

Know and Can Association (K&C) - coordinators, Bulgaria

NUBE cowork, Chile

Grupo Polo Tecnológico de Rosario, Argentina

Paysandú Studies Center (CEP), Uruguay

CONEXX-Europe, Belgium

Puente Sur, Paraguay

Sdruzhenie Profesionalen Forum Za Obrazovanieto, Bulgaria

Ramon Noguera Foundation Group, Catalonia

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