Collaboration between the Ramon Noguera Foundation and Valvi Supermercats through solidarity rounding


This week begins a collaboration campaign between the Ramon Noguera Foundation and the VALVI SUPERMERCATS chain. The campaign, which begins on Saturday 1 May , consists of the rounding of solidarity that customers can do when paying for their purchases and that will benefit our organization.

The campaign will be active throughout the month of May in any of the 61 establishments that the chain has in the province of Girona, which can be VALVI or SPAR. The profits obtained from this campaign will go to the project for the employment of people with intellectual disabilities .

The aim of the project is to enhance the training of people with special difficulties to improve their employability in the food sector, as a sector that in recent years has generated a positive dynamic in job creation. It is also designed for those people with special difficulties who have never enjoyed any kind of job resource and who need to go through a period of training and support in order to improve their skills in order to have access to a job.

People with intellectual disabilities have always had a lot of insertion difficulties. In fact, the unemployment rate for this group is double that of the rest of the population. If we add to this the context of the economic, social and health crisis we are experiencing, then the situation becomes even more worrying.

From the Ramon Noguera Foundation, we firmly believe in the importance of alliances with local companies to give visibility to people with intellectual disabilities , and to give impetus and dissemination to our social projects that, ultimately, have a single mission : guarantee rights and improve the quality of life of these people. This collaboration with VALVI helps us to spread this mission and make it reach society.

It is worth mentioning that the collaboration with the supermarket chain is not new, since in its establishments you can find Onyar products , our line of ecological products that, precisely, we make in the workshop of our entity with the goal of providing employment to people with intellectual disabilities. We encourage you to go shopping during the month of May and put your grain of sand in our project .

You can see the evolution of the campaign here:

Solidarity rounding Valves

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