Athletes Foundation Ramon Noguera to Special Olympics


The Special Olympics is the biggest sporting event for people with intellectual disabilities. A very important event that brings together athletes, families, clubs and institutions. Are organized every four years and this year have taken place in Reus, who welcomes back twenty years later.

Three basketball players of the Foundation Ramon Noguera were selected and participated in the 2016 Special Olympics: two in men's team Cataluña Bucks (Toni Navas and Javier Sanchez) and the women's team Wizards Cataluña (the Anna laughs).

The dates of these games REUS 2016 were from 23 to 27 November and had participants from all over Spain and other countries: the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Andorra, Monaco, France, Italy, Morocco, Belgium, Finland and China.

The sports facilities where they are held Reus Deportiu Club, the Olympic Pavilion Reus, Reus Leads Swimming Club and Tennis Club Reus Monterols

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