Assisted therapy with dogs


The Ramon Noguera Foundation began work in assisted therapy with dogs in 2014 at the Montilivi Occupational Center. In 2015 it continued in the Center of Sarrià and in 2016 the Fontajau Residence Hall was added.

This activity, together with others such as hydrotherapy and aquatic activity, can be done thanks to the support provided by DIPSALUT through its call for Therapeutic Interventions and Conditions and Lifestyles.

Dog Assisted Therapy consists of using dogs as an essential tool, as they have unique qualities that offer benefits in the overall development of the person and / or as auxiliaries of other therapies that are involved with therapeutic intentions.

The dog is a tool in the service of the therapist, it is a stimulus for the person to be much more open and motivated and, at the same time, the therapist can work more effectively using the animal in conjunction with other resources to carry out the therapeutic intervention. .

The benefits that can be obtained with this type of therapy are numerous: work empathy, facilitate communication between therapist and user, encourage socialization with the rest of the group, mental and cognitive stimulation, encourage concentration, facilitate physical contact, achieve physiological benefits, etc.

In relation to the group of people with intellectual disabilities and / or multiple disabilities, the areas that are worked on are sensory stimulation, motor coordination, functional mobility, concentration, memory, communication, social skills. , affective skills, fine motor skills and relaxation. In addition, it should also be noted that it is a very exciting and motivating resource for all people.

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