A golf lesson taught by Sergio García


The champion of the Masters of Augusta 2017 made a master class this Saturday for about twenty people with intellectual disabilities of the Ramon Noguera Foundation. He has done it in the field of Caldes de Malavella-PGA Catalunya Resort in an initiative of the foundation of the Castellón player and the "la Caixa" Welfare Project.

The master class of Sergio García has started with the concepts and basic movements of adapted golf, a modality that adjusts the practice to the needs and capacities of each person, breaking the barriers that prevent access to this sport.

This initiative has a double purpose: the promotion of accessible sport to people with diverse physical and intellectual capacities and to promote the participation in sport activities like motor of social inclusion. The objective is twofold: to promote sport accessible to people with various physical and intellectual capacities and to promote participation in sports activities as a motor for social inclusion.

"La Caixa" Welfare Projects promotes sport practice to instil values such as responsibility, personal improvement, integration, team play and education in healthy habits, as well as to prevent sedentary lifestyle and prevent them childhood obesity

In the case of people with disabilities, physical activity is a key element for a better physical well-being (with the development of coordination, agility and balance), emotional well-being and self-esteem, as well as social development with Strengthening interpersonal relationships. In fact, all those who have taken part are part of the Physical Activity and Health Program of our organization, which adapts to the needs of each user, with the main objective of achieving the improvement of their condition Physical and social inclusion through sport.

Indeed, Sergio García is one of the main drivers of the introduction of golf adapted to our country. Together with other entities, including the Spanish Golf Federation, Castellonenc teaches training courses aimed at professionals interested in teaching this sport to students with functional diversity.

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