2nd runner-up in the balcony decoration competition awarded at the Llagostera Residence Hall


The Festa Major de Llagostera was supposed to be held a couple of weeks ago, but due to the context of Covid19, it has been postponed to October. However, this past weekend, June 6th and 7th, a version 2.0 was held, with a busy schedule of activities.

Within this new program, the Balcony Decoration Contest with flowers and plants has taken place, in which the boys and girls who live in the Llar Residencia de Llagostera have registered. They could participate by decorating the balcony with natural and artificial flowers and plants, clothes, cardboard, reused material, and they chose to do it with the material they are very used to working with: cardboard-stone

The winners were announced yesterday Sunday and the surprise was that our participants won the 2nd runner-up, so congratulations! Here we leave you with some images of the process of making the floral decorations of the balconies of the Home Residence.

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