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Reading the article by Miquel Payeras published in the weekly magazine El temps on October 13, "Florentino wants to control social services in the Catalan Countries" , an article that has been repeatedly shared in social networks over the last few days, It is clear that this debate is still alive. In fact, we have never stopped remembering that there is no way to do business with social services for people.

We will not get tired and I will not tire of defending that we must protect the social model of care for people with disabilities in Catalonia. The society does not want or can lose the model that more than 50 years ago began with the untiring work of families and entities, in collaboration with the administrations, and that made possible a legislation that made us To move from the initial model based on charity to a model of rights, and that has led us to the point where we are today: people with disabilities can enjoy the support services that are needed in the different stages of his life, and in each one of his towns and cities.

As many know, I am talking about the social model of non-profit organizations in Catalan cities, which are owned by users, families, professionals and civil society, with a vocation for public service, which provide a comprehensive service to the person, who are supportive of their own social environment and that their mission makes them last beyond the people who lead them, since their object is essential and essential in the territory.

The publication of the Accreditation Order of December 31st, in which for the first time in Catalonia, companies with lucrative purposes can be credited to manage care services for people with disabilities and mental illness, it was not necessary. This fact has been bad, it has hurt us, and this has been expressed by the intellectual disability sector in the Department of Labor, Social Affairs and Family.

However, we are still in time. The announcement of Chakir Counselor El Homrani of a law of concerted action gives us margin. We have been asking for a long time; In fact, other communities of the State already have it. We are in the process of making a law among all, a legal framework that regulates the specificity of the care of people with disabilities, which regulates reality, our reality in Catalonia, in which 98% of attention is not lucrative

We have to legislate so that the instrument of the "social concert" is the framework for the relationship between the public administration and the more than 200 nonprofit entities that have created and provided these services to people with disabilities in Catalonia during the last 50 years old.

Europe says it since 2014 approved the directives in this area: it is necessary to legislate to respond to the realities of the territories and cities and, in Catalonia, our reality is this.

Girona, February 11, 2019

Pepita Perich

Manager Ramon Noguera Foundation

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