The ordinance saving water Bescanó nominated for the 2017 awards CILMA


The Council for Local Environment Initiatives of the Girona region (CILMA), comprising a number of municipalities, county councils and Girona Provincial Council has nominated for the Environmental Award 2017 CILMA the "SAVE AND's best QUALITY oF wATER "promotion of water-saving ordinance of the City of Bescanó. This ordinance is based on the experience and results obtained MinAqua Life project carried out at the car wash Ramon Noguera Foundation manages the municipality of Bescanó.

The other activities are competing for the prize is to choose activities that are CILMA Environment Award "waste reduction and encouraging circular economy", optimization and reduction of waste and bulky fraction green wood (Town Hall Navata) "cONSERVE BIODIVERSITY aND LANDSCAPE" desurbanització and recovery Pletera (City of Torroella-L'Estartit) "SAVINGS aND ENERGY EFFICIENCY aND RENEWABLE ENERGY", installation of a network of heat biomass (City of Navata) and "SAVING aND ENERGY EFFICIENCY aND RENEWABLE ENERGY", building a network of biomass heat (Arbúcies Town council).

You can watch videos on each of the actions here .

At the bottom of the page where the videos uploaded, there is a drop down through which you can vote until July 15, the action you think is interesting, whether such benefits at the environmental as the involvement of the council in carrying it out. The project receiving the most votes online will receive CILMA Environment Prize 2017. The council will be awarded with the participation of a person with expenses paid a technical visit to the city of Freiburg (Germany) European leader in management environmental group where participants can see first hand the solutions adopted by municipal officials on energy, waste, mobility, among others.

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