FRN Group promotes an ordinance to save on water consumption


Ramon Noguera Foundation has promoted a bylaw to save on water consumption. The proposal is based on the experience gained through the project Life MinAqua , the company developed from 2012 to wash vehicles Montfullà (Bescanó) which aims to promote water-saving activities increased consumption in the municipalities with the inclusion for the first time, an article dedicated to the recycling of water in these facilities and is transferable to all municipal ordinances.
The proposal provides for different forms of savings that involve the incorporation of water saving devices on taps, urinals and toilets tanks, flow reducers, capturing rainwater, reusing leftover water pools, bathtubs reusing water showers in buildings, saving irrigation systems gardens and water recycling facilities for washing vehicles. Life with MinAqua obtained new data that allow incorporate bylaws clearer indications on the obligation to install recycling water in the washing of vehicles, indicating the use of this water recovered applicable, give directions the design and dimensioning of installations and recycling considerations in the operation and maintenance of these systems and the requirements that must have the recovered water.
The preparation of this standard, which actively participated the City of Bescanó , is based on the type of water saving ordinance that made ​​Barcelona Provincial Council through the Network of Cities and towns towards Sustainability working Group and the New Water Culture, and each municipality has the possibility to choose or adapt, in whole or in part, the obligations and recommendations described herein.
The presentation for the Municipal Water Saving Municipality Bescanó take place on 2/4 from 12 noon to wash vehicles Montfullà in an act that has the support of the City Bescanó, the Network of Cities and Towns for Sustainability (Girona Provincial Council), the Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (CILMA, Girona Provincial Council), the Catalan Water Agency (ACA) and Prodaisa .
European project
Life is a demonstration project MinAqua water saving facilities washing vehicles using natural technologies and biodegradable detergents, since September 2012, develops parallel to facilities Foundation Ramon Noguera (washing vehicles Montfullà) and Gureak of San Sebastián (Miramón service station), in collaboration with the University of Barcelona, ​​the IQS and Aqualogy. The project is cofinanced by the EU LIFE program.

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