The Enxerinada trail with the Ramon Noguera Foundation


La Enxerinada Trail is a sporting event organized by the AMPA of the Pericot School of Girona, a group of parents, passionate about the runnig trail and nature, who concluded that a good way to help the The school was to organize a mountain trail in order to raise money to improve its services.

That is why they designed two routes, one 12 km and one 21 km, with a positive difference of 400 and 700 meters respectively, to present a part of the Natural Park of Les Gavarres, full of paths and paths, and a landscape with many contrasts In addition, the race has a solidarity background, since € 2 of each registration has been allocated to the Ramon Noguera Foundation.

The first edition of this race took place on March 31 and was attended by 150 people. The Ramon Noguera Foundation also wanted to put its grain of sand, and 7 users of the occupational centers collaborated by providing support at the supply points and were responsible for cutting the output tape. We would like to thank the AMPA of the Pericot School to think about our organization and also to give our users the opportunity to participate in an inclusive way in the organization of the race.

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