The debate on social economy reaches the La Rosaleda gatherings


On June 6th, the 5th social gathering took place, as part of the dinner-gathering organized jointly by the University Social Responsibility Chair and the Catalan Federation of Social Volunteering, which takes place at La Rosaleda Tasting Garden .

This last talk of the season featured a delightful speaker, Mr. Cristóbal Colón, President of the Fageda, spoke about a topic that is very current and very relevant to the intellectual disability sector: "The social economy without a desire for profit."

Colón explained the origins of his project and some of the keys to his success, putting in value the social initiative without profit-making, the roots in the territory, the integral attention to the person and the foundational legal form that he guarantees, On the one hand, the general interest and non-profit in the care of people and, on the other, preserve the corporate purpose for which it was created.

Lately, a lot of social economy is being said and it seems that it is being linked to the management of social care services for people. From the Ramon Noguera Foundation we fully agree with Cristóbal Colon that they have to differentiate between these two areas. The social economy encompasses a whole scope of profit and, mainly, it is made up of cooperatives that have different Governance from foundations because they respond to different goals and needs. In this sense, and following what was discussed during the discussion, we agree to talk about social economy as a more sustainable productive and economic model, but as something different from the third sector and the role of the entities of the Third sector as providers of social services in collaboration with the administration.

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