Opinion article on the Catalan model of entities for the care of people with intellectual disabilities


The entities that serve people with intellectual disabilities have very important challenges at this time. One of them is so relevant that it can jeopardize the continuity of our Catalan social model of non-profit social initiative entities with more than 50 years of history, rooted in the territory and clearly oriented towards the improvement of the quality of life of these people.

The legislative framework that regulates the provision of social services for the attention of people with intellectual disabilities is a determining factor in shielding or giving free access to the entry of commercial companies as providers of these services.

From the Ramon Noguera Foundation, we are strongly committed to legislating in the sense that they are the nonprofit entities that provide these services. This commitment is basically based on the fact that, for us, it is not lawful to make profit with attention to people in situations of vulnerability, as well as to which entities like ours have been providing these services for a long time since Proximity, solidarity, focused and integral attention to the person looking for attention in all those aspects that intervene in their quality of life.

Among all of us, society and administration, we started a service model for people with intellectual disabilities starting from the charity and with a lot of work and effort, progress was made in legislative and social recognition rights until reaching a model of Catalan success with an important network of social operators. We think that in no case can we go back and we must be able to guarantee this social model in the future.

Many entities of Catalonia have been starting from the beginning attending these people with a vocation for public service because our mission is precisely to ensure their welfare by contributing to a more inclusive and inclusive society. Entities such as ours are the heritage of all and this heritage must be taken care of and preserved in order to continue to serve with the highest quality to the people.

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