We are working on the remodeling of the Passeig del Riu de Sarrià


The line of Gardening and Forest Services of the Ramon Noguera Foundation is working on the remodeling of the Passeig del Riu de Sarrià. The works began last January and the area of ​​action has been 4,229 m², of the 6,127 that make the whole sector of the promenade.

According to the town council, this action aims to promote this area as a space for coexistence and activities both sports and leisure use for families and children, making it more friendly and endowed with different areas for to different activities. The new space of the promenade will feature a bicycle lane with car parks, a picnic area equipped with urban tables and fountain furniture, and another for children's activities where existing games will be used, all of which are separated by knolls Of a height of one meter and an elevation that allows a correct maintenance, covered with grass that will not require rec. On the other hand, both at the beginning of the walk, and in the end, there will be areas of shrubs and flowering plants, which will have an automatic irrigation system.

The work has received an economic aid from the Consorci del Ter aimed at improving accessibility to river areas for people with reduced mobility, thus bringing all the citizens the natural environment of the River Ter. In this sense, it is also planned to make a ramp and pave with compacted sauló, and the picnic area and the fountain will be adapted.

Photo of the pre-remodeling trip (website of the Consorci del Ter)

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