Healthy eating in premature ageing


At the Foundation we work with a care model centered on the person. This means that we draw up a Life Plan with each of the users where we collect their goals, needs and expectations in order to achieve a satisfactory development in their environment.

Based on this, our Special Work Center has now promoted a healthy eating training plan with the participants of our Premature Ageing Program.

The new project is intended to accompany those workers who are close to retirement age or may be affected by premature aging.

Aging and intellectual disability

Tests and studies show that people with intellectual disabilities can experience the first symptoms of aging from the age of 40.

Although the causes can be various, there are factors such as diet and physical exercise that play a key role in this process.

In this sense, the Life Plans of each user of the Foundation have allowed our Work Center team to detect common needs of different users, thus being able to adapt our activities appropriately.

Food, a key factor

Having a healthy diet is essential to prevent the aging of our cells.

Opting for a healthy and balanced diet is one of the key factors for the good maintenance of our body. So, the new project highlights the importance of planning our meals and the variety of foods in them.

The aim is to give guidance in the new life projects by adapting to the needs of each person, providing them with tools and also working on the change of role that will mean disassociating from the world of work, as well as the possibility of get closer to the community in order to feel active and maintain a new social network of support, improving their quality of life.

*With the support of the Department of Business and Labor of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

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