Football team winning Games Emporium


The football team of the Foundation Ramon Noguera participated in the third edition of the Games Emporium , proclaiming champion level Orange soccer arranged.

This year's edition, which took place this weekend at the Lake Plan has copmtat 4400 with participants from different sports. One reason for the success of the public has been adding new events, such as gala "Values" seminar and Olympic education and activities for seniors and athletes with intellectual disabilities.

The Games, which were organized by the Province of Girona, Territorial Representation of Sport of the Generalitat of Catalonia and the sports councils in the province of Girona, have concentrated all weekend and the finals meetings territorial Games sports School of Catalonia.

The activities were started Friday with a sporting event and meeting people's territorial Multisport / athletic cross-category prebenjamí, Benjamin and fry. In the evening, the gala was held "value", which is part of the program "Values ​​in Action - Sport positive", which aims to bring together all the actions that are aimed at raising awareness and educate athletes technicians, families, managers and guardians of the importance of play in a civic sport. The gala was a recognition of athletes and teams that have stood out for positive actions that have taken place in the field during the 2015-2016 season. Moreover, during the Games took the action "Green card" which rewards the attitudes of fair play (fair play) that can develop on and off the field.

Throughout Saturday and Sunday morning were held football competitions 7th, football 5 and multisport for people with mental • Property, basketball, volleyball, swimming, cross country, gymnastics and artistic judo, hip-hop, skating , hockey and handball.

In the words of George Sucarrats coach of our team, "experience has been great and has given very positive results: we played very well the first game of the semifinals have won a penalty shootout penalties, and finally we Orange proclaimed champions level with a 3-0! "

Games consist of two aspects: the competitive and fun sporting. Its main objective is to stimulate and promote the culture of sport among the population, encouraging them to participate, either competing or taking part in promotional activities are open to everyone. At the same time, also want to be a meeting point for parents, educators, athletes and society in general, in order to promote greater awareness of sports and healthy habits.

Below you can see the end of the game, with a great stop on our hands:

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