The cycle vermouth and musical evenings at the Rosaleda consolidates a new space for cultural and gastronomic Girona

The vermouth and musical evenings at the Rosaleda on Sunday at 12am and Friday at 20pm, make a series of concerts that combines live music with vermouth popular dinner and drinks al fresco in a unique setting, the Devesa de Girona . The initiative, launched by the Neighborhood Association of the Dehesa-Güell, the civic La Rosaleda, now shared with Ramon Noguera Foundation that manages the cafe-restaurant Rose Garden Tasting and collaborates the Mmm'agrada association with the artistic direction and production. The three organizations, each with its project rationale, found work as they share culture and participation.

The Generalitat of Catalonia delivered the Cross of St. George's Foundation Ramon Noguera

On May 3, held the ceremony of the Cross of St. George in the Palace of the Generalitat of Catalonia. The event brought together representatives of 24 organizations and 29 individuals who excelled for services rendered in Catalonia and the government of Catalonia decided to award this prize. Hidden Salvi, president of the Foundation Ramon Noguera, was responsible for collecting the Creu de Sant Jordi granted to our organization.