Today we have presented the new collection of jewels inspired by the city of Girona

Today, the new collection of jewels and handmade complements of the Ramon Noguea Foundation has been presented to the media, with the participation of Pepita Perich, the director of the entity, Mariona Quera, jewel and collaborator of the collection. collection, and Delfí Geli, President of Girona FC, club that stars in one of the models in the collection.

Today and tomorrow the EASPD international congress on disability and technology takes place

Today, the international conference "Technology and digitization in support and care services for people. The impact on education, work and independent life" is organized in Barcelona by the European Association of Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities (EASPD), a European entity that brings together providers of the social sector linked to the world of disability, among them the Ramon Noguera Foundation