We train and guide people to look for job opportunities

Work is a key aspect for the full inclusion of people.

At the Ramon Noguera Foundation, we provide a personalized process that guides the person to have opportunities in the world of work through protected work at the Special Work Center in services and establishments managed by the entity. And from the Orientation and Employment service, we guide and offer support to people in the search for professional opportunities and we encourage their insertion in the ordinary company. We also develop Employment Training programs with the aim of preparing people for the world of work.

Article by Yougujasse Dambelly, Gardening training student of the EqualVet project

In October 2019, we came to visit the Special Work Center of the Ramon Noguera Foundation with the Font de l'Abella School. There they explained to us the types of services that are done and also the orientation and training programs.

Later, in December 2019, from the Font de l'Abella School, my teachers offered me a certificate of professionalism as a Sales Assistant at the Ramon Noguera Foundation.
It was a very good experience. In the mornings he came to the Foundation and in the afternoons he went to school. I did it with two more classmates, I really enjoyed it, it was an opportunity to have some training and to get out of school and we made a lot of friends.

The training was very good, with the classmates I was very comfortable and the professors very cool! With this course I had the opportunity to do internships at Caprabo as a repository and customer service; it was my first contact with the world of work.

When I finished this training, Maria offered me to participate in a European program, EqualVet, where I did a specific gardening training. I loved it, I discovered that it is one of the things I would like to dedicate myself to in the future.

In the training we did a theoretical part and then we did internships in the Gardening section of the Foundation, which I really liked: I did them in Cassà de la Selva, where we brushed, passed the blower, collected papers, took logs ...

I am also in the Foundation’s Guidance and Employment Service, where they support me with what I need to find a job. I am very happy to be at the Foundation and to be able to keep coming, I have also met a lot of people and had opportunities to train and do internships.

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