We reactivate the sale of 'Rebooks' at the Tasting Workshop


After a preventive shutdown of the REBOOKS project in the Tasting Workshop due to the pandemic situation of COVID19, we have reactivated the sale of second-hand books by taking appropriate measures for the safety of our customers.

REBOOKS is a project of the Èxit Group (the insertion company of Cáritas -Ecosol-, the Drissa Foundation and the Ramon Noguera Foundation) for the reuse of books with social value. Through the collection, recycling and sale of second-hand books, a new way of finding employment for socially vulnerable people is being created.

How it works?

Anyone who wants to collaborate with this project can deposit the books they no longer need in the red containers of Ecosol, which retain their original use (clothing collection) but which now also serve this purpose.

The books are then handed over to the occupational centers of the Ramon Noguera Foundation, which is responsible for assessing and classifying them.

The next step is carried out from the Drissa Foundation, where people from the pre-employment service carry out the computer registration, which will be used for the last step: the sale of the books .

Points of sale where you can buy them:

The sale, at very cheap prices, is made from 3 points of the own entities:

- Foundation Tasting Workshop (C / Indústria 22 · Ramon Noguera Foundation). Hours are Monday to Saturday from 8am to 9pm and Sunday from 8am to 2pm.

- Biodrissa store (C / Ciutadans · Drissa Foundation)

- Bar Cafeteria El Coro (Sarrià de Ter · Ecosol)

This social initiative complements those that the three entities already have in operation, fitting into the line of sustainable activities and that give opportunities to people in a situation of socio-economic vulnerability.

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