Video of the presentation of the cooking book Easy Cooking

Girona welcomed the balance and presentation of Erasmus + Easy Kitchen's book on Thursday

The Ramon Noguera Foundation is participating in recent months in a European project to create an easy cookbook for people with intellectual disabilities and a manual for trainers. The initiative, which encompasses six more entities in Greece, Northern Ireland and Portugal, began in September 2017 and will end next August. The Easy Cooking project is included in Erasmus +, the European Union program that supports education, training, youth and sport in the continent.

The balance of the Erasmus + Easy Cooking global project took place this Thursday morning in Girona, at La Rosaleda Tasting Garden, where it has been used to present the recipe book. Montse Aulinas, an Innovation Technician at the Ramon Noguera Foundation, explained that "this project improves user autonomy and causes a change in habits in food, focused on a healthy diet. The participants of the project have learned to cook and have been able to apply it in their day to day. " Aulinas added that the Girona organization wants to be "a benchmark in social innovation, so we work with partners at European and international level in order to achieve improvements in the quality of life of the people we serve."

The main objective of Easy Cooking has been to co-produce a book of easy cooking recipes and improve the autonomy and healthy habits of people with intellectual disabilities through simple cooking and food crop training sessions at small scale Search has been made of recipes from different participating countries with criteria of healthy diet, traditional food, ecological products, proximity and cultural identity. The cookbook, made up of 10 traditional recipes from Greece, Portugal, Northern Ireland and Catalonia, is a useful tool for all those with difficulties in reading or speaking, and also for newcomers who do not yet know language, they like to cook or want to learn. The trainer's manual explains in detail how to implement the seminars (both kitchen and agriculture), with information and knowledge of each subject.

The project has been created and validated by users of entities that work with people with intellectual disabilities, along with their training and support teams.

Feature of the Ramon Noguera Foundation

The Ramon Noguera Foundation has participated in points such as the implementation of learning methodologies (analysis of tasks and simple reading) in the field of easy cooking and daily organic farming. In addition, he has been present at the four meetings held (in Girona, Athens, Lousa and Belfast); He has co-organized the training of trainers in Girona and has taught cooking and agriculture seminars.

The Ramon Noguera Foundation has been involved with entities from Greece (VTC Margarita, project coordinator; Organization Earth, E.PSY.ME and Harokopeio University), Northern Ireland (Orchardville Society) and Portugal (ARCIL) . This project, entitled Development of an easy reading cookbook by people with intellectual disabilities, has had a total budget of € 225,690, co-financed by the EU and distributed to the consortium of these seven entities. The results will be available soon on the project website, where you can also download the book.

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