Truck wash: 10 years of professional service


In order to meet the goal of providing employment, at the Ramon Noguera Foundation Special Employment Center we create jobs, start businesses and open up a wide range of job opportunities so that people can grow professionally.

One of our lesser known establishments is the Industrial Vehicle Wash which is located at the Pole. Industrial Montfullà (Bescanó), as the customers who visit us are very specific.

In it, we have a large washing tunnel special for trucks, trailers, buses, motorhomes and all kinds of high volume vehicles. After passing the vehicles through the tunnel, the people who work in them take care of thoroughly cleaning these vehicles manually, and cleaning and disinfecting the chest if necessary. Ozone treatments are also applied to the cabin if requested by the client.

This establishment is now 10 years old since its inauguration in 2011, and its success lies in the professionalism of the workers who strive every day to ensure that our customers leave fully satisfied with the service.

If you have a vehicle with these features, you can find more information about the property and services here .

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