Today we have presented the new collection of jewels inspired by the city of Girona


The Ramon Noguera Foundation dedicates its new jewelery collection to the city of Girona and Girona FC

Today, the new collection of jewels and handmade complements of the Ramon Noguera Foundation has been presented to the media.

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The presentation was made at the Montilivi de Girona occupational center, one of the centers where the pieces of the collection are prepared, and was attended by Pepita Perich, the director of the entity, Mariona Quera, jewelery collector • The colleague's staff, and Delfí Geli, President of Girona FC, the leading club of one of the models in the collection.

The new jewelery collections are inspired by very characteristic elements of the city of Girona such as the Eiffel Tower, the Jewish Quarter, the Argenteria street, the Girona FC, the four rivers that cross the city, the exhibition Temps de Flors and the popular Girona sardana, I love it. In total, seven lines have been created that include 35 pieces, including necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings and rings that have a very affordable cost, between 8 and 12 euros. The creations can be purchased through the "online" store, in the fashion boutique and accessories store of the Foundation, located in Mas Xirgu, and during the fairs of Sant Narcís de Girona they can also be purchased at The stand that the entity will have at the Fair of Samples.

One of the protagonists of this season is the Girona FC. The club's coat of arms and colors, white and red, have inspired one of the seven collections of this season, named after Orgull Gironí in reference to the motto that since last year shake the team on the shirt. One of the bracelets in the collection is a popular symbolic piece of the Girona FC that will cost only 2 euros. The Girona club is a very sensible entity with the collective of people with intellectual disabilities and shares with the Fundació Ramon Noguera a common inclusive sport project, the involvement with the Genuine League, a state-owned football championship in which people with disabilities participate.

Gerona's jeweler and gymnast, Mariona Quera, who has been involved for years in the creation of jewels of the Foundation, has created the Argenteria collection inspired by the street of craftsmen and jewelers and where exactly the jewelery Pere Quera, property of the family. The jeweler has designed and produced a minimalist piece consisting of a silver chain and a pendant, also silver, in the form of a tear in the center of which there is a gemstone. One piece of which has been made three models: with blue topaz, with smoke quartz stone and freshwater pearl. This creation has a cost of 95 euros.

The Argenteria street is not the only element of the city map that appears in the new jewelery collections. Call, one of the best preserved Jewish neighborhoods in the world, carries out the Jewish Call line, with pieces that combine earthy colors and textures that remind us of the stones and walls of the steep and narrow alleys.

One of the most emblematic bridges in Girona, that of the Old Fishmongers, also known as the Iron Bridge or Eiffel, built by the author of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Gustave Eiffel, inspired another of the costume jewelery collections . The pieces imitate the geometrical game of the red iron beams that make up the structure of the bridge and metal parts are interspersed.

The four rivers that cross the city, the Ter, the Onyar, the Güell and the Galligants send to the collection Four Rivers, a line that uses metallic materials with which the creators want to represent the freshness of the water .

One of the events that most tourists take to the city, Floral Outdoors Floral Time is another item of the new collection. They are made up of pieces of many colors and sizes, where the floral and vegetable elements predominate.

Finally, the Girona sardana, I am amazed, composed by Ricard Viladesau and premiered in 1989, inspired the most classic collection. The creations combine sober colors such as white and black and incorporate a detail of the sardana score.

The Girona FC has made us a video where we can see how the Orgull Gironí collection is made

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