The users of the occupational center of the Ramon Noguera Foundation participate in the Llagostera Municipal Plenum


On Friday, March 24, the users of the occupational center of the Ramon Noguera Foundation of Llagostera took part in a municipal meeting chaired by the mayor of Llagostera, Mr. Antoni Navarro Robledo and the Councilor for Social Rights, Mrs. Anna Viñas Roca.

Since the COVID pandemic, it had not been possible to do it in person, although this is an activity that has been carried out once a year since 2016, and is organized by the City Council with the aim of giving word to all the people who live in the municipality. The participants have the opportunity to share some time with the representatives of the town to raise their doubts and their proposals. Previously, work is done in the center to prepare the questions. It is a very positive activity because it involves analysis and knowledge of the town and encourages participation and inclusion in the community.

Among the questions and improvement proposals for the town that the participants have asked have been to be able to do joint activities between the people of the center and other collectives of the municipality, to renew the bins and to find a solution for the parking of the van and they have also made a mention of the art activity they do and they like it so much. We want to thank you again for organizing this activity which allows the disabled people we serve to participate in the political life of the municipality of Llagostera.

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