The Ramon Noguera Foundation is part of the Program for the Improvement of Democratic Governance


During the last six months, the Fundació Ramon Noguera Group has participated in the Accompanying Program to improve Democratic Governance promoted by the Confederation and the Department of Work, Social Affairs and Family of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

The purpose of the program is to strengthen the non-profit sector of social services and care for people through the promotion of management models of the Social Economy.

During these months, we have had the opportunity to work and to approve a Democratic Governance Plan with the support of the consultant Marià Moreno of the Integral Company.

For all the participants it has been a learning and a pleasure to be able to deepen in the improvement of the mechanisms of Governance of the organization. Today we can say that we have carried out some very successful concrete actions, demonstrating our commitment to improving the participation and decision-making processes of the organization.

I would like to thank the Confederation for having chosen us, among other entities, to be part of the program, to the Generalitat for the support of the program and the Integral Company for its valuable advice along this path.

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