Now you can visit our stand at the Trade Fair of Girona with the new jewelery collection


Ramon Noguera Foundation presents seven new jewelery collections and own, inspired by cities around the world on the stand that the entity will have the 55th. Girona Trade Fair, starting today and until November 1.

Six collections are designed and made in a traditional way occupational centers Foundation Ramon Noguera. These lines Luxor, Berlin, Venice, Vienna, Istanbul and Paris. In total, nearly forty pieces including necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings that bring together different cultures and characteristics of land, which makes them universal and portable for everyone. The jewelery and gemology Girona Mariona Quera created especially for the Kyoto Foundation collection, based on simple geometric lines and pieces inspired by the bamboo plant.

The collections of the Foundation are made by people with disabilities in employment centers, as an activity of therapeutic use. The result are pieces that are sold at affordable prices, as well as be able to see and buy in this booth, the collections are also on sale at the store and fashion accessories online store and the Foundation www .

This is the second consecutive year that the designer Mariona Quera Girona collaborates in designing a jewelry collection of the Foundation Ramon Noguera. Starting this year, the jeweler will become habitual collaborator special designs for an annual collections. Last year the jewelry he designed two pieces -a solid collar- both slave and a solid silver to commemorate half a century of existence of the entity.



Luxor, Pharaohs city situated in the valley of the Nile, has inspired a collection hipster ahead of its time, full of light and geometric shapes as representative of these lands that evoke mysteries still to be discovered


From Berlin comes a collection with personality style underground working very urbanite and rethinking the use of materials such genes themselves ons


The pastel colors of the city of Venice are reflected in this collection sweet and with a hint of nostalgia. The murmur of the water channels and the light of Renaissance art come together to create some cool accessories, youth and women.


For the classics, the collection evokes the delicacy of a Vienna city especially related to music, harmony here each piece with materials that evoke serenity and musicality


Istanbul is the point where Western culture with the East, so this collection is a world of contrasts to obtain pieces with a lot of character, bright and hard


Paris, city of love, romantic and inspiring collection of royalty itself eighteenth century, pompous, elegant and sophisticated.

Kyoto by Mariona Quera

Is a collection of designer Mariona Quera created especially for the Foundation Ramon Noguera. In the past, Kyoto was the capital of the Japanese Empire, hence the strength and majesty of this gem based on a simple but powerful geometric lines with different pieces inspired by bamboo, a plant light, very resistant and high strength.

Jewelry and accessories catalog 2016/17

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