Last transnational meeting of the IN4ALL project in Belgium


The consortium of the Erasmus + IN4ALL project made the final meeting of the project in Brasschaat (Belgium), with Rotonde as a host partner. The activities took place between 22 and 25 May, taking advantage of the finals of the Nekarea Netball tournament, which culminated on Friday, May 24, with a great sporting and recreational event. The Ramón Noguera Foundation was attending the Montse Aulinas, an R & D technician, Marta Feixas, the coordinator of Leisure and Sport, and Cesc Massó, responsible for the Health and Physical Activity Program.

It was a very productive meeting, both with regard to project meetings and good shared practices. The IN4ALL team formed by members of Rotonde (Belgium), APGA (Slovenia), Spring 85 (Italy) and Grupo Fundación Ramon Noguera (Catalonia, is the coordinator) had the opportunity to participate in the event end of Nekarea. It was a great experience in which around 1000 people participated, among them more than 70 volunteers, 54 Netball teams from all over the Antwerp region, relatives, friends, neighbors, etc. One of the main objectives of Nekarea is the inclusion in the sports practice of people with intellectual disabilities, among others.

The direct participation in this event with different tasks and roles (playing, arbitrating, supporting volunteers, etc.) has allowed us to conclude that Netball is an accessible sport (with the possibility of playing at different levels and even adapting to rules at a more recreational level), fun, in team, scalable and transferable. The final meeting served to conclude the IN4ALL project, but we already think about the future: why not start the different organizations that work with sports for people with disabilities and do local teams in different countries? And an international Nekarea where teams from different countries find themselves playing Netball?

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