'La Singular', Girona origin with commitment


Rootedness and proximity to the territory and to the people is the value of all the products and services of the Ramon Noguera Foundation and from this vision was born 'La Singular'.

With La Singular we start a new path in the field of food, to position ourselves as producers of Girona origin with commitment. A commitment highly demonstrated in nearly 60 years developing social entrepreneurship projects in a framework of trust, to give work opportunities to people with disabilities, acting efficiently, effectively and responsibly towards people and the environment.

Our project, as its name suggests, is unique, original and special, because in addition to promoting inclusion, it aims to produce a high-quality product, suitable for health and sustainable for the environment.

La Singular are pizzas with feeling, commitment and love to promote inclusion and job opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities. La Singular products are made with people and the planet in mind.

Our products are of first quality and proximity, with slow fermentation bases, with selected flours, natural yeast and olive oil.

Our habitat is located in one of the cities with the most gastronomic tradition in the Mediterranean, Girona.

Our corporate image is inspired by a Renaissance expression of Girona, with the reflection of the houses on the river Onyar, the banks that represent the different rivers that cross it or the Eagle that receives, in the city council, in the its most illustrious visitors.

All this represents a close, Mediterranean and differential image that accompanies a product and at the same time a social project.

Pepita Perich Manager of the Ramon Noguera Foundation

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