Aliments Onyar of Fundació Ramon Noguera joining forces with Too Good to Go to combat food waste


We're excited to share a collaboration with Too Good To Go that we've started against food waste. We want to join this initiative to contribute to the well-being of our community and promote sustainability. From now on you can also find all our Onyar Food products with a short expiry date in this application.

Too Good To Go is a free app, available for both Android and iOS devices, that lets you enjoy quality meals from restaurants and stores that have surplus food. A surplus that you can buy in the form of surprise lots at a lower price. This app simply gives you access to great food at irresistible prices.

How does Too Good To Go work with Onyar Foods?

Through Too Goo To Go, you have the opportunity to buy batches with Onyar Food pasta and pizza made in our workshop. Every Thursday we upload our batches to the application and you can pick them up on Fridays from 5pm to 7pm at the Aliments Onyar Showroom (carrer de la Indústria 22). That easy!

Onyar food, pizza and Eco&Social artisanal pasta

In our workshop, we don't just create high-quality organic food, we also have a deeper purpose. Each product is the result of a passion for healthy products and a commitment to social inclusion. Aliments Onyar is a project of the Ramon Noguera Foundation.

We are specialized in the preparation of fresh pasta and pizza, sauces and vegetable pâtés of the vegan line, other preparations and preserves.

We also offer products from the range of nuts, dehydrated fruit and shiitake derivatives.

Bites with value!

What makes our pizzas and pastas even more special is the social value behind them. When you choose our products, you are directly supporting the Ramon Noguera Foundation and its mission to create opportunities and improve people's quality of life.

Every purchase is a contribution to a better future!

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