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The Ramon Noguera Foundation has held an event to recognize all the people who have worked at the organization and who have retired during 2018 and 2019.

The event was held today, December 18, in the restaurant La Rosaleda Garden Tasting , attended by 10 retired people. The program started with the speeches of the president of the foundation, Salvi Amagat, and continued with the reviews of retired employees by Pepita Perich, the managing director of the entity, Maite Ferrés, manager of the Onyar-La Selva Foundation , now retired, and Joan Bussé, responsible for the Car Wash and Industrial Cleaning lines. The event ended with a photocall and a delicious breakfast for the attendees.

Below you can read the reviews of each retired person.


Review by Lourdes Juscafresa
28 years worked (1991- 2019) at the Ramon Noguera Foundation, specifically in the center of Sarrià, are an absolute success of commitment, responsibility, involvement and, of course, work.

Thank you for giving your effort every day. All the people you helped will have your memory, I also remember the days when the work was very difficult but with you everything was simpler, thanks for always giving me your support.

After so many years at the foot of the canyon, you deserve a breather. Thanks


Review by Joan Bussé
Worker of the Ramon Noguera Foundation, since its inception. Linked to the Foundation both for work and for having formed their home together with Isabel. A simple but very important example of the reason for the quality of life that can be found in the Foundation.

Work and home - retirement. The summary of what we all want.


Review by Joan Bussé
Worker of the Mas Xirgu Foundation, a surrogate of the company Frit Ravich. He has been with us for a short time, but has shown a good ability to collaborate with the reorganization of Frit cleaning jobs.


Review by Joan Bussé
Manel started at the Foundation at an advanced age.

First, in the wash, he helped us out during a period of cash outflows. He then moved on to the cleaning section, where he performed various tasks and definitely joined the Comexi team, being in the afternoon / night shift, as well as making daytime shifts. An example of flexibility at an already mature age.


Review by Joan Bussé
Pedro, like Manel, started at an advanced age. He had a history of working hard, and something he accomplished. He is a person who, until the moment he was respected, was compliant.


Review by Joan Bussé
Justo started with us in the cleaning section, has gone through several Comexi teams, Trety. Finally, having a vacancy in the wash, he was recruited. It is a history of washing, with his humor and empathy he has taken his turn, without any problems with the staff, he is a person who had a great responsibility for his work, and could be counted on, for changes and flexibility.


Review by Joan Bussé
Jordi started directly in the car wash. Operator applied and very expressive with his gestures, he is understood and also took on the role of instructing clients to overtake, stop, finished car. We have all learned something from their expressiveness.


Review by Joan Bussé
Jesus was on the Salt City Council team. A team that worked on holidays, Saturdays and Sundays. She has taken her job without incident, despite her work in difficult times and places.


Review by Joan Bussé
Worker who was in two sections washing and maintenance. We have all thought of him at some point to solve a problem. He was often resolved, but not a "German" operator, rather a "beta and cord" operative who did not shy away from any situations and addressed them as much as he could (at least for pulling).


Review by Maite Ferrés
He started working on November 21, 2000 at the Onyar Foundation's manipulated workshop at Quart. From day one he was always ready to help his monitors and co-workers, preparing the material and assembling the finished wheelchairs.

Agustín has always been able to take advantage of his free time doing various manual work that he would later show us in the workshop. Anyway, what he enjoyed most is always looking for mushrooms and asparagus (he was always seen smiling and proud when he appeared with large bunches of asparagus); knowledgeable about his environment, where he went he didn't have to go because he didn't leave much ...

For all of this, we are confident that she will be able to take advantage of her retirement to enjoy her hobbies as well as travel with her sister.

We wish you could do it for a long time.


Review by Maite Ferrés
La Pilar was hired at the Raft3 center in Riudellots de la Selva on September 20, 2001, working on the bicycle assembly line. After a while his activity became the assembly of SIMON electrical components.

From July 2005, and due to the merger of the entity with the Onyar Foundation, Pilar began to work at Quart, threading spokes on bicycle wheel carts.

He has always been a person loved by everyone, kind, collaborative and fulfilling his tasks. In recent years, she has become the inseparable companion of Paco Puigdemont, a companion at the center, something that can be seen from afar that fills them with happiness.

We wish you that the new retirement period that you have started in the occupational center of Montilivi of Ramón Noguera Foundation is very pleasant and enriching.


Review by Pepita Perich
The Angela of the Foundation's shop, how many looks she has advised clients and myself, always pending details that favored one of us, "the shoes have arrived!", "The new collection has arrived!" .. Your empathy made us close.

You gave us your personality and "flirting", and the store went ahead with you.

I convey my appreciation and also my appreciation.


Review by Pepita Perich
Vicente, methodical, rigorous and always faithful.

With him we started the organization of specialization of the transversal areas, in this case the one of "personnel management", that up to that time we had with external management. We had reached a significant volume and the management of our HR had to be taken directly.

You implanted the acronym of "LA FUNDI", in honor of our organization.

A tireless contributor to the pineapple we have always done to bring the Foundation to the success it deserves, always thinking about the people it represents.


Review by Pepita Perich
For me and the FRN you are and always will be the Mari of the Foundation, you are a reference and you have accompanied us and been with all the people of the Foundation for everything we have needed.

A loyal friend and friend of all, always excited, willing and grateful.

You are a great person, keep going Mari!


Review by Pepita Perich
There was so much to do Anna, you led by setting your own style, started providing services to children in the FRN, giving attention to children and their families in need, emphasizing the "quality of child service + the amount in the provision of the service. "

More than 30 years sharing with you professional and personal project in many moments, you contributed vision for the future of the Association at that time, collaborating directly in the design of the management structure of the Association of which you participated in the Management team, you brought insight, laying the structural stone for what the FRN would later be. I would stand out from you, your dedication, professional and personal commitment, and allow personal friendship

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