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Article of FRN Magazine nº5 of 2018

The current Ramon Noguera Foundation Group was founded in 1965 as the Àngelus Association, the first association of families established in the counties of Girona, under the presidency of Ramon Noguera i Sabater. In 1995 he evolved and became a Ramon Noguera Foundation. In 2012, two new entities, the Mas Xirgu Foundation and the Montilivi Foundation are created, which allow them to specialize in different areas. And the FRN Group continues to grow, in December 2016, with the incorporation of the Onyar La Selva Foundation.

The FRN Group works to improve the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities from two areas: social and work. There is a management area that is the most unknown: transversal services, but which are also essential for the group's gear to function properly. We have asked those responsible for each of the services to explain our mission.

Mission of the Transversal Services of the FRN Group

Pepita Perich. Managing Director of the FRN Group
Beyond my responsibility and, in solidarity, I work convinced and motivated to advance the social rights of people with intellectual disabilities.

Bea Pueo. Responsible for Human Resources
We accompany the working people of the Fundació Ramon Noguera Group to develop with excellence the mission of their workplace.

Marina Molina. Responsible for Projects
We plan ideas and create projects to transform the reality of people with intellectual disabilities to the benefit of a more inclusive and inclusive society.

Lourdes Marquès. Responsible for Administration and Finance
Let us ensure the efficient and transparent management of the economic resources in order to make projects viable and generate opportunities for the people we serve.

Ester Triadó. Responsible for Research and Development
We open to the world to discover new experiences that help us find opportunities and new alliances to build together a better society and a better world.

Marta Ramírez. Responsible for Communication and Marketing
We are committed and enthusiastic about publicizing our organization, in order to raise awareness and build collaborative links with society.

Elisabet Riera. Responsible for Quality
From a transversal and cooperative perspective, we work with the commitment to continually improve quality and respect for the environment, driving the path towards the full satisfaction of users, families and clients.

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Article published in the Annual Magazine of the Ramon Noguera Foundation 2018. Read more articles: FRN MAGAZINE

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