4th Week of Volunteering in Girona


Back Volunteer Week Gerona organized by the Catalan Federation of Social Volunteering in Girona, which will start on Monday, May 22, and now in its fourth edition. This week has become, along with the Fair of April and entities Night Volunteer end of November, a meeting point and visibility of the work of social organizations of Girona. The activities offered by the Volunteer Week are very diverse and some are designed specifically for these dates, while others are part of the regular activities of the entities that offer, and some have moved to date -the this week.

The events of the Week will begin on Monday 22 at 6 pm at CaixaForum with Circle Percussion workshop, which will lead Pau Gimeno, music therapist and professor at the Faculty of Education at the University of Barcelona, ​​offered by the Foundation Oncolliga. In this workshop participants, who must have experience, be able to play percussion instruments with the help of a facilitator. The aim is to improvise, spend a fun and improve personal and musical abilities. Listen to what others do and make our contributions to music making group.

Continue on 23 at 7 pm and the CaixaForum, the Conference: Volunteers International, the world is global. The Catalans refugee camps by Xavier Bertral, photojournalist of the newspaper ARA, with the presentation of the experience of voluntary Mariona Riera, Calella entity x Refugees, which will discuss the refugee crisis through images, the role of volunteerism and giving treatment to the problem the media. This event is organized by the Catalan Federation of Social Volunteering.

On Wednesday 24, at 9 am and the Girona Auditorium, there will be the celebration of the Day of the Elderly, organized by the Municipal Council of the Elderly of Girona. Later, 2/4 8 pm, will act awards the 8th Story Contest Volunteer Social FCVS of 2017, the Library Empúries. They are stories written by volunteers from various organizations and Girona refer to their experiences developing voluntary work. This year, the novelty will be allocated a portion of awards for stories written by young volunteers, to encourage their participation. In such a setting ideal for a story competition as a library, the works awarded by the jury will be announced and will be read by their authors.

The week in crescendo and Thursday 25 there are three highlights: First, at 9 am, GICOR invites us to walk healthy for Meadows of Salt, in a circuit of 9 km without unevenness, having the meadow behind Fontajau pavilion as a point of departure and arrival. For those who prefer a less physical activity, at 10 am in EspaiCaixa the entity Spirals EDS invites us to Cine-forum within the program Major assets: I retire ... now what? Later, at 7 pm, the association AECC Cancer-Catalonia offers the Civic Center of Santa Eugenia (Can Ninetes) workshop experiential and theoretical management of emotions in everyday life by Josep Soler, psychologist of the organization.

The highlight of the week will be Friday 8 Volunteers, with four events scheduled. The first 2/4 dƇ pm, La Rosaleda Tasting Garden, a musical Vermouth offered by the Foundation Ramon Noguera and where will the musical group D & D versions. Later, 2/4 to 5 pm at the Theater School and Marist Caritas Girona make the festival program Sponsor a grandparent with young and elderly participants in the program and open to all interested persons. Shortly later, 2/4 of 6 pm, the association AECC Cancer-Catalonia will offer a session of the EspaiCaixa Cine-Forum with the film A Friend Frank and where to address the volunteer topic focused on the person. Taking part in the debate Marcel·la Torra (ABI Girona), Sandra Medina, Volunteer Coordinator Hospital Palamos. Will present the film and moderate the debate Josep Soler, psychologist of the organization. Finally, the week closes at 9 pm, at the Meadow Fair Pavilion, with the Foundation Oncolliga Charity Dinner organized with great success of participation each year in Girona.

Again Volunteer Week Girona offers many interesting proposals, with a growing participation of social organizations and aimed at all audiences.

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