New car wash tunnel in Mas Xirgu


As of October 9, the Mas Xirgu foundation's vehicle wash service will remain temporarily closed.

We are improving the car wash facilities with the installation of a new washing tunnel, and with the implementation of advanced washing technology with a system of sustainable water treatment solutions.

We are committed to the environment:

- Technology and chemical products compatible with the environment.

- Recycling and waste prevention: at the end of the use cycle of our washing systems, waste materials will be recycled and reused.

- Minimum consumption of clean water: the new water recycling systems will considerably reduce the consumption of clean water during the washing of the vehicle. Specifically between 14 and 30 liters per wash compared to 120 and 170 liters per wash without water recycling.

- Chemical washing products without polluting substances.

During the works, the Mas Xirgu laundry service will temporarily move to the Montfullà car wash, on Carrer Caterina Albert, 1 of Polígon Montfullà (Bescanó), which is 10 minutes away.

The Tasting Workshop will remain open with a new schedule:

- From Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm

- Saturdays from 8am to 9pm

- Sundays and public holidays CLOSED.

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