Handmade roses with social value


On a day full of joy and a good atmosphere in the streets, if the rain allows us, we don't want to miss the opportunity to explain to you how we celebrate and organize this day from the inside, as well as the activities we organize around the same.

Making a difference, also for Sant Jordi.

Months before Sant Jordi arrives, the users of the Occupational Centers of Montilivi and Llagostera show off their creative skills and handcraft the famous solidarity roses of the Foundation. Made of paper and cardboard, each one has been carefully created to be given as a gift to someone you care about.

Each part of the rose is made individually, and count that each one has 8 parts; petals, calyx, sepals, stem, leaf, spines, medallion and ribbon. Almost nothing!

This year, in addition, they are well over km.0 because the medal that accompanies them has also been made from drawings by users of the Foundation. You will find up to three models; the hearts of Imma Martos, the dragons of Albert Escarnis and the roses of Consol Bartolomé.

The roses in your hands today generate real work and social opportunities for the users of our Occupational Centers who, at the same time, during the creative process have the opportunity to also develop their manual skills.

For Sant Jordi, roses... and Rebooks!

If you don't like to be given roses or love to read , then your best bet is Rebooks! Second-hand books that still have a lot of life left.

Rebooks is a joint project of the Foundation, Ecosol and Drissa that collects, reconditions and sells second-hand books at popular prices to give them a new life.

Don't know how it works? We explain it to you!

· The books are collected using one of the more than 80 red containers that Ecosol Girona has spread across 28 municipalities in the province.

· Afterwards, they are taken to the Occupational Centers that the Ramon Noguera Foundation has in Montilivi and Llagostera, where our users evaluate, select and recondition them.

· Selected, they are sent to the Drissa Foundation, where people from the pre-employment service make a computer record... and they are ready for sale!

This April 23 you can find them at the Sant Jordi stalls that we will have at the Foundation, but throughout the year they are available at the Tasting Workshop, at the Biodrissa store (C/Ciutadans in Girona) and at the Bar Cafeteria El Coro in Sarrià de Ter.

Where to buy the roses

You can buy them at the following points:

· At the Foundation Showroom show (Carrer Indústria, 22 in Girona)

· At the Carrer Nou stop (Girona)

· At the Montilivi Occupational Center (Av Montilivi, 123 · Girona)

· At the Plaça Independència stop in Llagostera.

Each rose sold is not only a gesture of love and support, but also a direct contribution to the Foundation's social work, generating employment and opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities.

In short, at the Fundació Ramon Noguera Sant Jordi is much more than a traditional party; it's an opportunity

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