The values ​​of the Ramon Noguera Foundation


In the framework of the new strategic plan that the Fundació Ramon Noguera Group has established for 3 years, we have defined the values ​​that accompany us in our daily life: commitment, innovation, cooperation, trust and entrepreneurship.

In order to disseminate them among the large human team that forms our organization, we have decided to make a contest. We have requested the free participation of workers who have wanted to contribute phrases associated with the values ​​and the daily work of each one. A winner has been chosen for each value, therefore there are five participants who have been awarded a meal for 2 people in our restaurant La Rosaleda Tasting Garden . As the participation has been high, we have also decided to publish the sentences that have been in 2nd. place, which will also appear in July in our magazine.

The phrases that have been chosen are:


Winner: "Our commitment, our society tomorrow" (anonymous)

Access: "My daily commitment is to create a good environment to make my colleagues' abilities" (Eduard A.)


Winner: "Imagine soluciones" (Marina M.)

Access: "Looking forward to new horizons" (Susanna M.)


Winner: "Without you I can not do it" (Lola O.)

Access: "The root of a cooperation to play each and every one of the dreams together" (Eva J.)


Winner: "Give me your hand and trust, we are one" (Míriam O.)

Access: "Trust is not bought, it is not sold, trust is won with the example, in the day to day" (Montse A.)


Winner: "The opportunity to move from idea to action (Sandra M.)

Access: "New challenges, new illusions become reality" (anonymous)

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