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My name is Anna Cornellà, I have 29 years and three I Montilivi Occupational Centre. Also last year and a half I was an independent apartment Foundation with new companions.

Now I will explain my day to day: I get up at 6: 50h in the morning, have breakfast and I prepare to leave. At 8: 20h leave the apartment in the Rue Louis Pericot to go to the workshop (as is the call center employment). My colleagues and I bus, as I like so much walking, I walk.

When we arrived, we put the coat to get to work. In the morning we craft cardboard-stone or elaborate jewelry. At the moment, we are doing a craft with balloons for the exhibition Temps de Flors. We will also make different brigades Garden: my group we Sarria to remove weeds and remove the land of trees that are on the sidewalks.

Twice a week at least, do exercise: walk, do aerobics, we get in shape, and occasionally, we will take a walk; The first thing we did was to the Castle of San Miguel. He was tired, but when we got up, we were all very satisfied with our effort.

In the morning, there are two days a week to go in the garden eco-solidarity of the University of Girona to help them plant and do different tasks.

In the afternoons we learning activities. Monday we community life: we will walk to the library to do some visit or see something. On Monday, for example, we went to the factory to see how Torras made chocolate and to finish the tour we were given two chocolate tiles; and recently we also went to visit the Police Station of Salt.

Tuesdays are life plan, we work individually with the instructor, and we track our goals, desires, etc. Wednesday workshops do: we talked about sexuality, mobile, ever look at a film and assemblies we decide we want to do things with the group. Thursday afternoon we divide, we first clean the workshop and then we go over to academic skills or learn new things.

Friday afternoon we computing: the first part is devoted to learning things work with your computer and then you can browse the Internet and go to YouTube.

Once a year we decided to eat in the restaurant in the group meetings.

When the workshop ends at 17.15h, do sports and leisure activities. For example, Monday and Wednesday are football, basketball Tuesdays and Thursdays, Zumba Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays theater computer.

I am very happy to come to the workshop, I like what I do and that, fortunately, has allowed me to be in an independent apartment and me.

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