Manifesto of AEES Dincat on the occasion of the International Day for People with Disabilities


With enough freezing and cuts, it's time to provide solutions

Non-profit organizations and organizations in the third sector dedicated to the care and support of people with intellectual disabilities, with physical disability, with cerebral palsy / pluridiscapacidad and mental health problems, as well as those dedicated to the In the field of early care, we denounce the unfair situation we suffer since 2009 due to freezing and subsequent cuts in the rates with which the Generalitat de Catalunya finances the care services for these people.

Among other consequences, it has seriously compromised people's attention, sustainability and the purchasing power of working people; Consequences that specifically affect more than 100,000 people attended, more than 20,000 professionals and more than 400 entities.

During this decade, we have not only had to assume the impact of cuts and freezing, but we also had to face a cumulative increase in costs of 9.33%. Although the cost of living has risen significantly (with an accumulated CPI of 15.90% in Catalonia and an increase of 5 points of VAT), services to people have continued to provide with the least impact Possible thanks to the effort and commitment of the entities and the professionals.

Given the seriousness of the situation, we have repeatedly and repeatedly referred to the Government of the Generalitat the need for an urgent recovery plan that contemplates an update and price increase to stop this continued loss of the last ten years . This recovery is absolutely necessary to avoid the collapse of the sector, not to commit more attention to people and to improve the salary conditions of professionals.
To date, the response of the Government of the Generalitat has been a refusal to agree on a recovery plan. Given this situation, the undersigned entities can not assume more grievances to the detriment of the people we serve and demand from the Government:

The update and increase of the rates to recover the lost power lost since 2009 as a necessary way to guarantee the quality of care for the people, the sustainability of the services and the professional conditions of the professionals.
After this lost decade, we are waiting for the Government of the Generalitat for diligence and commitment to reverse the grave situation we denounce.

Manifesto December 3, 2018

Signatory entities of the manifesto:

Business Association of Social Economy (AEES Dincat)
Ammfeina Mental Health Catalonia
Unió Catalana de Centros de Desarrollo Infantil y Atención Precoz (UCCAP)
Catalan Social Action Entities (ECAS)
Sectorial of Cooperatives of Social Initiative
Catalan Association of Centers for People with Intellectual Disability in Catalonia

All these entities are members of the Commission for Disability, Mental Health and Early Attention of the Business Confederation of the Third Sector of Catalonia.

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