Words of gratitude from the President of the Ramon Noguera Foundation


Today, more than two weeks in confinement, and I want to say a very special word to the nearly one hundred people with intellectual disabilities who are currently being treated in all residential care centers in the Ramon Noguera Foundation.

Despite the exceptional nature of the situation and the fact that this is a new experience for them, to date their behavior has been exemplary. Some people are well aware of what is going on, others are not so much, but they all abide by the restrictions because they are aware that it is a different situation. Fortunately, they have adapted very well to the current circumstances and greatly facilitate our task.

Our residential foster home users have also been able to adapt, thanks to the support they receive from the professionals who take care of them directly in their day-to-day life, and the professionals who have planned the last detail as it should be. the stay in the different centers, organizing activities and operations to solve any incident.

Surely it also helps that we have good facilities, all adapted and to which the necessary repairs and reforms have been made when it has been necessary, without sparing anything, to improve the quality of life of these people . Likewise, the number of support staff for each group is adequate, often expanding the regulations.

Our Foundation, like the nearly 300 in Catalonia, all of which are non-profit, have invested all their resources in the welfare of the users and, at times like the one we encounter, it is more evident than ever. At the moment we have enough muscle, the facilities ready and the right staff and it is doing a good job.

As President of the Ramon Noguera Foundation and as a parent, I want to thank all the Foundation's professionals, from the Managing Director to those responsible for each service, monitor and healthcare team. Many thanks to all of you. You are giving your best and thanks to this, people with intellectual disabilities will go through this stage, expecting it to be as short as possible, with a better quality of life.

The bottom line is that, despite the constraints involved in the current situation, we are proud to say that our users are good, have a good time, and are happy. We hope it continues until the end and that this has only been a nightmare of what we will soon wake up to.

Girona, April 1, 2020

Save Hidden Usan

President of the Ramon Noguera Foundation

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