Training seminar for trainers of the EASYCOOKING project in Girona



Training seminar for trainers of the EASYCOOKING project in Girona

The EASYCOOKING project "Development of a Cook Book for Students with Mental Disabilities" is a European project co-financed by the ERASMUS + program of the EC, framed in the key action "strategic partnerships for innovation and the exchange of good practices" . It began in September 2017 with a meeting of project partners in Athens (Greece).

As explained above , the main objective of EASYCOOKING is to co-produce a book of easy cooking recipes and improve the autonomy of people with intellectual disabilities through easy cooking and food culture training sessions on a small scale. During this time, the different partners from Greece, Portugal, the United Kingdom and Catalonia have provided a significant number of traditional recipes from the respective countries. The nutrition research group of Harokopio University (Greece) has done a nutritional analysis in detail. This has served to select the healthiest ones. Finally each country will show how to cook these recipes during the training week of trainers. And, later, these trainers will explain to the group of users that will participate in the kitchen courses of the project.

The Ramon Noguera Foundation has hosted this seminar in Girona during the week of April 16 to 20. During the mornings, the kitchen training was done at the Casa de Cultura de Les Bernardes de Salt (in the kitchen room), while in the afternoon the training related to the cultivation of vegetables was carried out And vegetables that appear in recipes. This second training has been carried out in the orchard farm that the occupational center of Llagostera manages in the municipal parcels.

The organizations that participate in the project are VTC Margarita (Greece), EPSYME (Greece), Harokopio University (Greece), Organization Earth (Greece), ARCIL (Portugal) and Orchardville (United Kingdom).

Check the agenda here .

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