XVIII Fair of Voluntary Entities


On Saturday, April 21, the 18th 2018 Volunteer Entity Fair organized by the Catalan Federation of Social Volunteers in Girona, framed at the Strenes Festival, was held at the Plaça de Catalunya in Girona.

With the aim of informing the Girona population of the activities carried out by the voluntary organizations of the region, more than 40 entities gathered to bring people closer to the public and to raise awareness about their work and, at the same time, on the role which has voluntary work within the entities, among them the Ramon Noguera Foundation.

The program that was developed was:

From 5pm to 9pm: shows of entities, concerts, workshops and parades.

At 6pm, the concerts programmed by the Strenes Festival: Mutual Project (6pm), La Iaia (8pm) and Gertrudis (00.00 h) were started.

During the concerts, the "Got de voluntariat" was sold at a price of € 1 and the money collected will go to the "Strenes Prize", a modality that awards the collection to a social entity that presents its project to the call Prizes Nit of the 2018 Volunteering on 23rd November.

We would like to thank the volunteers who accompanied us during the Fair, to all of them, thank you very much!

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