The pioneering project in La Rosaleda employment will open on October 28


· The UTE La Rosaleda Girona, led by Ramon Noguera Foundation and has the support of the Foundation and Drissa ECOSOL, manage the training area

· Inserted directly eleven people and generate at least ten more jobs indirectly

· Will offer breakfast and lunch from Tuesday to Sunday and dinner on Friday and Saturday

The space restoration training aimed at employment La Rosaleda Tasting Garden will open on 28 October. The award of the management of the equipment was for UTE La Rosaleda Girona, led by Ramon Noguera Foundation and has the support of the Foundation and Drissa ECOSOL. The ultimate goal of the new space La Rosaleda is to promote the employment of people with integration difficulties and train professionally and personally all those who make insertion itineraries.

The mayor of Girona, Marta Madrenas; Councillor for Economic Development, Local Development and Tourism, Gloria Page, and the Director of the Foundation Ramon Noguera, Pepita Perich, this morning presented the features that have the new space.

The space La Rosaleda will work directly to eleven people, including eight people with special difficulties will insert, youth under the Youth Guarantee program or people at risk of social exclusion. These eight people will make an itinerary of training during which they will receive theoretical and practical classes will be in the same La Rosaleda. It also indirectly affect the consolidation of ten more jobs, including transportation equipment, cooking and cleaning Special Employment Center Foundation Ramon Noguera.

The characteristics of the project, a pioneer in the field of third sector partnership initiatives restaurants will be open to collaboration with other social organizations of Girona and also work to establish synergies with the Residents Association Devesa- Guell and other organizations that occupy the social center of La Rosaleda.

The new space will offer breakfast and lunch Tuesday through Sunday and dinner will be served on Fridays and Saturdays. During the Fairs -from October 28 November- 5, La Rosaleda open continuously from 10 to 24 hours.

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