The FRN, awarded the Salvador Sunyer Foundation awarded Valvi


Valvi of Girona Foundation was held this week, the eleventh Valvi Awards, which recognize individuals or organizations that have stood out for their dedication to the preservation of heritage, whether cultural or landscape, or in the field of solidarity. The awards, an honorary consisting of a single piece of sculptor Bonaventura Anson, took place on Wednesday, June 1, in the room and Pol Martin Foundation valves.

This year the Foundation Ramon Noguera was awarded the Prix VIII and Aimeric Salvador Sunyer, given to the person or entity that has recognized outstanding and credits a career in the field of solidarity and cooperation within the framework Girona province. Salvador Maneu was commissioned to make the gloss on the body and then picked up the award from the President of Group FRN, Hidden Salvi.

The Editorial Board of the Foundation agreed to Valvi name and Salvador Sunyer Aimeric this award honoring who was senator, member of the Parliament of Catalonia and Mayor of Salt; tireless fighter in support of freedoms of Catalonia and the normalization of the Catalan language. Salvador Sunyer is now the official chronicler of the city of Salt, and continues to write and work to promote coexistence and the recovery of the identity of its people and our country.

He also delivered the XIth Prize Joaquim Codina natural heritage of the Association for the Defence of Natural Heritage Plan Lake (Limnos) and the XIth Prize Joan sacks cultural engagement for Joaquim Trias, of Cookie Trias.

From our organization, we want to sincerely thank this recognition.

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