The Climate Committee awards the prize to the winning photo of the 2020 Calendar


On February 12, the Climate Committee of the Ramon Noguera Foundation, together with its manager, Pepita Perich, presented the prize to the winning center of the Calendar 2020 photography competition.

The prize, a financial endowment of € 1,000, was collected by Ester Triadó, director of the Occupational Therapy service. The winning photo that the workers of this service presented to competition was entitled "It is not the destination, but the journey" and represented the essence of the work done in the occupational centers.

The director Ester Triadó has informed us that the prize will go to furniture to adapt the garden of the Montilivi occupational center. From the entity we want to reiterate our congratulations to the winners, who will be able to enjoy this outdoor space to the full.

The Climate Committee is the result of a program promoted by the Human Resources department of the Fundación Ramon Noguera, which was created in 2019 with the aim of fostering cohesion between workers and improving the organizational climate through actions. and spaces of knowledge. It is formed by a group of people from different services of the entity who, voluntarily, participate in meetings throughout the year with the aim of creating leisure activities among the employees of the entity to promote a better working environment, to create spaces for sharing among coworkers, and enhancing participation, creativity and teamwork.

One of the proposals raised by the Climate Committee during 2019 was the edition of this calendar, which had to be designed with photographs taken by the workers and selected through a competition. Twelve images were chosen, one for each month of the year, representing the essence of the day-to-day work of each of the entity's services. Of these 12 photos selected, one was selected as the winner, which took the front page of the calendar and, in addition, received the financial grant of € 1,000 that has been formalized today.

This January, the Climate Committee has been renewed. The team of workers that form it are: Bea Pueo, Sandra Mustera, Ester Camps, Lola Olaso, Susanna Ayllón, Yoli Angelats, Susagna Llinàs, Eduardo Alfaro and Marta Ramírez. They are currently working on new proposals and activities to develop during this 2020, and they will explain soon.

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