Talk families: how can we help children with DI to enforce their rights?


On Thursday October 20 held a conference aimed at families and guardians of people with intellectual disabilities Foundation Ramon Noguera, framed within the program of Families.

The talk entitled "Because I have rights! The inclusion in the community. How can we help children and families with DID to enforce their rights?" And was in charge of Sorrows Torrents and Marcel Munn, trainers rights Dincat. attendees learned about the rights that are related to the inclusion in the community think about how the family can help your child or family to promote inclusion, and such claim if it respects their rights; they spoke participation in health, independent living, employment, access to culture, sports and leisure.

The conference also featured an introductory part by the group of self-governing Clover, made by people with disabilities of the Foundation, who explained what it means to be self-governing and what his project on the rights of people with intellectual disability.

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